Many small-to-medium (SMB) sized businesses believe that they aren’t important or large enough to be targeted by hackers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Smaller companies in general have fewer resources to spend on defending their networks, yet they have substantial assets that hackers can take. As larger organizations adopt better cyber defenses, many hackers specifically target SMBs as easier targets.

If a hacker targets an SMB, the risks are great. When a hacker intrudes into a business network, they may be able to steal and illegally use customer data, lift employee information (including social security numbers and payroll information) and empty the company’s bank account. In addition to these direct losses, a hacker can use the SMB’s network to attack other targets such as the SMB’s business partners and customers. These consequential third party losses can obliterate goodwill and expose the SMB to costly litigation.

White Paper: What Hackers Don’t Want SMB Owners To Know