Our Mission

Kivu is passionate about the cyber fight, with a goal of positively impacting our clients and the global community. We think of ourselves as the world's cyber-resilience partner. Kivu is a full-service cybersecurity partner to companies around the world looking for confident business sustainability and growth in an increasingly digital and connected global economy. We use innovative technology and strategies to offer world-class incident preparation, response and recovery services to clients of any size. So we can all move forward faster.


United: You seek what is best for Kivu and the client, rather than what is best for yourself. Persistent: You inspire others with your passion for excellence. Impactful: You accomplish amazing amounts of important work, focusing on results. Entrepreneurial: You're always looking for ways to improve processes or deliver extra value to clients, while giving your all to your team. This describes Kivu and the stunning group of people who power us. And why clients, partners and the global community can count on us.

“Cyberattacks have become a cost of doing business in today’s digital economy. The right approach – pre-, during and post-incident – can mitigate that cost. Kivu supports some of the largest organizations in the world and we're glad to continue supporting small and mid-size businesses in fighting cybercrime."

Winston KroneChief Research Officer, Kivu Consulting

Partner with Us

Kivu is a transformational force in cybersecurity with a long legacy of successfully managing threats to clients’ digital operations.  We partner with technology solutions providers, insurers, law firms, data breach coaches and other service providers in helping clients beat cybercrime. Help us fight the good fight. Join us.

Want to Join Our Team?

What makes your day?  At Kivu, it’s:

Dedication to client service. Professionalism. Integrity. Respect. Trust. Diversity. Excellence. Teamwork. Entrepreneurship. Fairness.

If you’re an experienced cyber security professional engaged in the good fight against cybercrime, consider joining our growing team. Let’s talk.