Enhance Resilience to Ransomware Attacks

When ransomware strikes, it can take not only your data but also your business and future with it. Identifying gaps, remediating vulnerabilities, and rapidly responding to threats can make a world of difference to your revenues and reputation. And to your regulatory compliance and long-term insurability.

Restore. Rebuild. Reimagine. Re-envision.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for planning. Kivu’s Advisory Security Services team provides strategic guidance and implementation support to ensure our clients improve and mature their security capabilities to keep pace with today’s risks. Our approach leverages deep threat insights captured from Kivu’s incident response work to create real outcomes in security for our clients.

Prepare & Optimize

Attacks are inevitable, but your organization can be ready when they occur. Our experts simulate real threat scenarios drawn from actual cases we’ve investigated to surface vulnerabilities and assess readiness. Then, we deliver actionable recommendations to increase the organization’s resilience to attack and mitigate risks. We bring the same level of rigor to non-scenario-based assessments to ensure that our clients receive high-impact insights, regardless of their testing and assessment needs. Services include:

  • Penetration Test: Objective-driven attack simulation intended to identify complex vulnerabilities not detectable with automated scanning
  • Red Team Test: Scenario-driven attack simulation to emulate specific adversaries and threat tactics in order to provide a holistic picture of enterprise resilience against key risks
  • Compliance Gap Assessment: Framework-driven assessment of an organization’s alignment with industry standards and legal/regulatory requirements
  • Security Scanning: Automated scanning to collect and analyze data to identify assets, vulnerabilities, and malware
  • Incident Response Plans & Playbooks: We can help clients create and audit IR plans that meet the current audit and compliance requirements.

Execution Support

Kivu is the industry’s premier provider of on-site security technology support at global scale, and our team of experts can be available at your location or remotely to deliver the capacity and technical expertise your organization needs to remediate vulnerabilities and deploy new capabilities with services including:

  • Vulnerability Remediation
  • Technology Implementation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Incident Recovery Support

Your resilience partner.

Kivu is a transformational cybersecurity services provider, resetting client and partner expectations for service quality and resilience of their digital systems.