Whether a stand-alone attack to force payment of ransoms, or a means to disrupt and open a system for a network penetration, denial of service attacks obstinately remain a threat to organizations – whether online retail, public entities, or political groups.  Kivu has advised such organizations on pre-emptive safeguards, responded to their defense during attacks, and worked with partners to block malicious traffic before it even hits our clients’ networks.

Kivu’s 24/7 services include:

  • Safeguarding/strengthening networks & operations to prevent or minimize the disruption of DDOS and DOS attacks
  • Assisting during an attack to reduce impact and safeguard critical operations, including technical mitigation
  • Confirming that a denial of service attack is not cover for a secondary stealth penetration of the network
  • Preserving digital evidence and working with law enforcement
  • Post-attack forensic analysis to confirm that a system is secure

Kivu has:

  • Experienced incident responders, combining IT knowledge with best practices in denial of service attacks
  • Partnerships with leading “upstream” DDOS prevention vendors
  • In-house subject matter experts and the ability to testify in court and before regulators
  • The ability to respond remotely or onsite globally