Contain & Recover from Cyber Attacks

When you're experiencing a cyber attack, time is of the essence. Kivu's Incident Response services help organizations rapidly respond and eradicate attacks so you can quickly return to business as usual. We'll guide you through the attack lifecycle: from responding to and containing active attacks, to post-incident analysis to determine root cause, through litigation and a successful legal outcome.

A forensics-first, rapid-response service built with cyber insurability in mind. When every minute counts.

Kivu helps you quickly analyze the situation and focus on both containing and recovering from incidents.  Know who was involved, what happened, when things happened, where it happened and why it happened. We’ll determine what data, if any, was accessed by the threat actor. Our experts are on the case immediately, providing assistance remotely or on-site if warranted. By involving Kivu early in an attack, we can limit the extent of the damage. So you can move forward faster.

Our unique Incident Response methodology uses patented technology combined with deep subject matter expertise to rapidly collect data, preserve it, remotely analyze it, and stop the threat.

First things first: Our Incident Response service is available 24/7.

Proprietary, enterprise-class remote data collection technology speeds efficient analysis of your incident. Large corporate networks can be scanned in less than 60 minutes. No software installation or calibration is required. No on-site personnel is needed, lowering incident response costs.  Certified analysts with experience across all systems perform data analytics and reporting.

Our Investigative and Forensics methodology enables identification of affected systems, collection and preservation of data, rapid forensic analysis, and established processes to assist you in remediating your environments.  We work closely with law firms to provide defensible data collection, preservation and analysis of digital evidence from Day One.

Kivu’s Digital Forensics & Incident Response team will be on-site to help you restore, rebuild, recover, and then re-envision after a cyber incident or business disruption.  Expert project and personnel management by Kivu case handlers ensure that your internal resources are leveraged to the max and that all stakeholders work in a coordinated fashion.

DFIR analysts are highly skilled, with certifications that include Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE), EnCase® Certified Examiner, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and Certified Fraud Examiners (GCFE, EnCE, and CFE). Many analysts come from law enforcement backgrounds. Our in-house teams have testified as experts in US State and Federal courts and regularly provide counsel with clear and useful information. We also work in the UK and other jurisdictions.

Incident Response & Threat Containment

Kivu provides services that activate your organization to see an incident through: from identification to threat containment to resolution and litigation.

Incident Response Services:  Expedite execution of your incident response plan and align resources from different parties. Kivu is well versed in all types of incidents including Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, Data Theft, and Insider Threat scenarios.  Get discrete data collection across any device, operating system or platform, with minimal business disruption and maximum efficiency.

Crisis Management:  Deploy prioritized response steps, containment strategies, and applicable next steps to get the best possible outcome during an incident. Keep your IT staff, C-Suite, and insurer and/or breach coach in the loop.

Threat Hunting & Containment:  Protect your environment from current and additional threat actor activities, with digital forensics, data analytics and the latest threat intelligence. Use our reports for continuous improvement of in-house capabilities. Kivu has experienced and successful threat negotiators and communicators in house and ready to help as needed.

Data Collection & Preservation:  Collect the forensic evidence to power a digital investigation of the incident, with the help of our proprietary remote collection technology.

Digital Forensics

Kivu’s investigative and forensics methodology enables identification of affected systems, rapid forensic analysis, and established processes to assist clients in remediating their environments.

Log Analysis: Collect relevant system logs, analyze them and execute internal processes to rapidly identify threat actors and affected systems. Our proprietary remote collection technology speeds up the process while keeping costs low.

Forensics:  Work from a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the target — computers and mobile devices — from the bottom-up, ready for action.

Investigations:  Identify the threat actor, what systems were affected, and how and when the threat actor breached the environment.

Expert Witness Services

Kivu provides subject matter expertise to develop expert opinions and provide testimony for pending cases.

Litigation Support:  Coach executives and technical advisors on developing and testing technical opinions that may be provided to a court of law. Support with affidavits and declarations.

Expert Testimony:  Provide testimony in a court of law in support or opposition to a legal opinion, including cyber security and privacy class actions, theft of trade secrets, and employment and regulatory disputes.

Our Capabilities

Responsive engagement, experience and best practices that get you through a threat incident, successfully. When every minute counts.

Incident Response & Threat Hunting/Containment

Digital Forensics

Expert Witness Services