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By leveraging our knowledge of and expertise working with ESI in every way, shape and form, Kivu brings a unique perspective on electronic discovery. We provide practical and cost-effective advice on all stages of the EDRM model beginning with the unimpeachable collection of ESI through its accurate processing and search – all with an eye to accurately providing just the ESI needed for review.

For each case, Kivu will work with the client to develop the most appropriate cost model – whether using the amount of data processed, the hours worked by our professionals, fixed rates based upon the number or custodians or devices, or a blended rate of these. We achieve cost savings through efficiency. Understanding both ESI and the legal framework allows us to discard extraneous ESI and process only what is relevant.

We are your e-discovery advocates.
We advise our clients on e-discovery strategies and technologies – helping to craft discovery requests, preparing defensible alternatives to over-burdensome collection requests, cost-shifting and spoliation analysis. Kivu’s experienced e-discovery professionals help corporations and law firms plan and conduct FRCP Rule 26(f) meet-and-confer negotiations. Clients needing Early Case Assessment (“ECA”) can rely on our experts to help identify only the relevant data and assess the risk.

Kivu’s professionals have carried out e-discovery collections and analysis throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our background providing forensics and data breach response to highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare allows us to meet the same stringent requirements when working with ESI from such industries for e-discovery. Our workflow and methodology have held up to court-room, regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny.

We bring the highest US standards of data acquisition and can testify about all of our work.