It’s been a busy year so far and Kivu’s cyber experts have been involved in defending our clients from challenging attacks coming from foreign and home-spun hackers, disgruntled employees, and ethically-challenged competitors.

We hope you can join us April 20-24th in our home-town San Francisco, CA. Contact us to arrange a meeting to learn more about Kivu’s services and meet our experts from our West and East Coast offices.

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Winston Krone, Managing Director (San Francisco)

Winston Krone manages both computer forensic and traditional investigations, business due diligence, and anti-corruption cases. Winston has a specific expertise in data breach and privacy issues. He is an attorney qualified in the UK and California and a court-qualified computer forensics expert. More »

Megan Bell, Senior Director of Analytics (San Francisco)

Megan Bell directs data analysis projects and manages business development initiatives. She has 20 years’ experience designing and implementing reporting and analysis solutions for software, insurance, and consumer product companies. Megan has 10 years’ insurance-industry experience and assisting claims, sales and customer support organizations. More »

Brian daCosta, Director of Technology and Cyber (San Francisco)

Brian daCosta is an EnCase certified computer forensics investigator with 16 years experience in computer forensics and IT security. Brian has assisted clients in the collection and preservation of digital data in multiple operating systems, platforms and hardware configurations. Brian has a particular expertise in non-Windows operating systems including Linux, Novell Netware, MAC OS and OS/2. More »

Elgan Jones, Director of Cyber Investigations (Washington DC)

Elgan is an accomplished cyber forensic professional, with extensive experience in digital forensics investigations, particularly responding to cyber intrusions and PCI credit card breaches. He has spent +13 years working in the cyber technology field specializing in forensics, cyber security, information governance, and ediscovery, serving financial services, AM Law 100, Fortune 500, Securities Exchange Commission and multinational conglomerate clients. More »

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