2018 University of San Francisco Law Review Symposium – San Francisco

January 26th, 2018: San Francisco, CA

Adam DeMonaco will be speaking on the panel “Breach: The Epidemic of Data Insecurity” at the 2018 Law Review Symposium – University of San Francisco School of Law.

This panel will discuss the threat and reality of data breach and explain why it should be a concern for everyone.  For consumers in the Digital Age, using digital services means disclosing personally identifiable information (PII) and having that information stored indefinitely. When data breaches occur, consumers instantly lose control of their private information. Highly publicized data breaches illustrate how customer frustration, loss of trust, as well as the risk of identity theft and financial troubles may flow from the loss of consumer data.


The Epidemic of Data Insecurity
Presented by the University of San Francisco Law Review

No one can ignore the growing risk of data breach as businesses in all sectors continue to move into a completely electronic business model. With data breaches becoming more frequent, larger in scale, and covered by the media, businesses and consumers must remain informed about the laws intended to safeguard personal information.

Please join the University of San Francisco Law Review at its symposium focused on legal and non-legal facets of data breach. Panel topics to include discussions on the epidemic of data insecurity, preventative measures against attacks, legal recourse for breach victims, and the ethical issues related to retaining such information. A networking reception to be held after the panels



January 26, 2018
8:30 am – 6:00 pm


University of San Francisco, Fromm Hall
660 Parker Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94117


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