Data Collection

Organizations are storing information on ever-increasing numbers of devices, operating systems and shared platforms, ranging from cell phones to distributed cloud networks.

Kivu is unique in understanding the legal and technical implications of data storage. Our firm regularly advises organizations on the practical challenges of digital forensics in the modern workplace.

Kivu’s data collections have included “black bag” operations, where digital evidence is gathered after-hours without the knowledge of its custodians or, where legally permissible, a suspect’s computer and Internet activity have been discretely monitored during the workday. Kivu is well known in the industry for our ability to minimize business disruption, acting professionally as representatives of our clients, and always being prepared for the unexpected.

Kivu’s digital forensics professionals are experts at ensuring the proper preservation of digital evidence in all of its many formats. Our team is made up of some of the most highly skilled professionals in the United States, with certifications that include Certified Forensics Examiners, EnCase® Certified Examiners, and Certified Fraud Examiners (GCFE, EnCE, and CFE). We have worked on almost every conceivable type of computer media, configuration and email application.

Kivu offers best of breed forensic collection and preservation, digital analysis and response services to cater to the needs of in-house or hired legal counsel. We have provided evidence related to employee misconduct, founders disputes, and intellectual property theft. Our expertise and years of experience allow us to provide clients with cost-effective, irreproachable arguments at all stages of litigation and dispute resolution.