Intellectual Property Theft

In a global market, where legal and regulatory frameworks are becoming more stringent, and are more actively enforced, companies need to be ever more vigilant about intellectual property theft. Computer forensics is often the only means of conclusively proving or disproving that intellectual property theft occurred, allowing for successful legal resolution.

Kivu has extensive expertise serving employers who fear that their intellectual property has been compromised. We also provide services in defense of organizations charged with harboring stolen intellectual property.

Our investigation process moves quickly to preserve data, without contaminating it, in a manner that is defensible in court. We examine systems for any evidence that data was transferred, whether through external USB devices, email accounts, network shares or cloud storage accounts. Once the analysis is complete, Kivu provides a certified remediation protocol that is compliant with industry standards, based on our practical experience.

Kivu has expertise at all stages of trade secret cases:

  • Confirming the initial suspicions of management
  • Providing immediate and accurate evidence in ex-parte actions
  • Working with law enforcement and regulators
  • Determining the scope of theft or identifying other parties
  • Assisting with discovery requests
  • Providing expert witness testimony at trial

Kivu works with management and legal counsel to fully investigate suspected theft of trade secrets and confidential data. Kivu personnel have testified as experts in state and Federal courts. Our data preservation, analysis and opinions have been upheld by courts and law enforcement agencies.