Post Breach Risk Assessment

Post breach cyber investigations couple traditional investigative skills with the use of sophisticated software and forensic analytic techniques to track suspects and recover evidence. Since cyber investigations could easily cross nation-state boundaries, knowledge of international legal systems and privacy standards becomes crucial to successful outcomes.

Kivu analysts are experienced in providing confidential, discrete post breach risk services to protect our clients throughout the globe. Kivu’s unique incident response methodology collects data remotely, allowing Kivu analysts to quickly move from analysis to response and recovery.

 Key factors in Kivu’s post breach cyber investigation may include:

  • The nature and extent of the systems and data involved in the breach
  • Determining the true identify of anonymous attackers
  • Whether data was actually acquired or viewed, and if so, to what extent
  • Preserving and collecting evidence using local law enforcement standards
  • Legally monitoring and collecting evidence while in transit from websites, message boards, and social media sites
  • Advising the client of US and international privacy laws and notification requirements for violations of privacy
  • Determining the extent to which the risk of future incidents has been mitigated

Our post incident breach risk assessment is adapted to uniquely serve every organization’s needs.

Preventing further breaches

Many of Kivu’s cyber investigation clients decide to take advantage of our Risk Management And Prevention Services. Our team can evaluate the soundness of an organization’s technical environment, as well as the human behavior that can either prevent or lead to an incident.