Hackers are constantly scanning business networks, and new vulnerabilities are uncovered on a regular basis. If an externally facing network has an identifiable flaw, it will eventually be found and exploited.

Kivu’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services help organizations identify their network vulnerabilities and understand what they need to do to remediate their risks. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing have different strengths, and they are often combined to achieve a more complete network vulnerability analysis.

Vulnerability assessment

Kivu’s vulnerability assessment consists of an external and/or internal network scan, using best of breed tools and technologies. The result of the vulnerability scan provides the same information that an attacker would see. After Kivu analysts review the scan, they provide detailed recommendations, which enable the organization to better prioritize its remediation efforts, thus mitigating its security risks.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a controlled attack on a computer system, network or web application in order to find and exploit existing vulnerabilities. Penetration testing can be carried out externally, or from within the target organization. After penetration testing is complete, Kivu provides a full report detailing how successful the infiltration was, the system vulnerabilities that allowed access, and how the organization can remediate its vulnerabilities. Kivu tailors its penetration tests to meet an organization’s specific needs and minimize any business interruption.