All too often, organizations are unaware of the most likely cyber threats that may impact their business, as well as the pre-emptive steps they can take to mitigate that risk.

Through our Cyber Risk Assessment, Kivu provides a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s security risks and makes specific recommendations that will strengthen its security operations and programs.

Kivu’s pre-emptive cyber risk assessment services provide the highest technical and legally sound solutions for successful long-term information security risk reduction. Kivu utilizes well-seasoned cyber security veterans whose careers span many years of experience in numerous industry verticals.

Kivu has extensive cyber risk management expertise in both public and private companies throughout the globe, from organizations challenged with complicated regulatory compliance requirements to those requiring M&A financial assessment work. We can guide organizations through globally recognized standards and security certifications, including: ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and State laws. We can assist organizations seeking out targeted security assessments to protect against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) and other cyber attacks.

We encourage active dialogue

Kivu believes that to be effective, cyber security assessments should encourage and incorporate active dialogue between the client’s stakeholders, IT department and the Kivu consulting team. This practice produces not only a superior technical review, but also aids senior management in gaining insight into previously unknown risks within their organization. Our recommendations are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

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