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Kivu Services Overview (2 page)

It takes more than technology to solve today’s cyber security problems. Kivu’s cyber team is experienced in protecting organizations against compromise of data, theft of trade secrets and unauthorized access to data.

Kivu Services Overview (Spanish)

Se necesita más que tecnología para resolver los problemas de seguridad cibernética hoy en día. Kivu ofrece soluciones cibernéticas integrales y adaptadas para nuestros clientes a nivel mundial; desde respuesta a incidentes, significativas evaluaciones de riesgo y escaneado de la red, con tecnología exclusiva y configuración de defensa, realizada por expertos.

Kivu Cyber Extortion Services

Ransomware has morphed from a painful financial loss to a bankrupting business interruption. Kivu has responded to hundreds of attacks globally.

Kivu Enterprise Collection Tool (KECT)

Kivu has designed KECT, a proprietary utility which can identify malicious code and Indicators of Compromise, to assist our clients in the battle against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s)

Data Breach Analytics

Kivu utilizes a rigorous approach to translate raw computer data into specific individuals’ identities. Sampling and investigating starts immediately. This enables our analysts to find hidden landmines sooner – not at the end when press releases have already gone out.

Incident Response and Data Breach

The scope and complexity of cyber-threats continue to grow as hackers target the data stored on business computer systems. An established relationship with reliable forensic experts is critical to a swift response to any cyber-threat.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing Services

With new risks created ever day, it’s vital for organizations not only to keep up, but to keep ahead, and ensure their data isn’t suddenly left unprotected. To identify and resolve critical security risks and system weaknesses, Kivu performs vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Kivu M&A Services

During the M&A due diligence process, the most important indicator of Cyber Security is the resilience of the people and process governing the risk.

Forensic Analysis of Apple Devices

Kivu has developed court-tested protocols for preserving data from a multitude of Mac computer devices, including the elegant all-in-one iMac and the first generation MacBook Air.

The Right Choice

Swiftly and cost-effectively determine if a breach has occurred, determine its size and scope, and provide evidence to assist in responding to regulators, customers, and litigants

Computer Forensics

We are experts at collecting, analyzing and processing computer data. As organizations move more data across numerous devices, operating and shared platforms they can be more vulnerable to data theft and potential liability. Kivu’s Forensic and Incident Response services address these vulnerabilities.