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Kivu Consulting announces strategic partnership with Cerberus Sentinel

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    Kivu Hires Shane Sims, as New Chief Executive Officer

    Kivu Consulting, a leading provider of cybersecurity and forensic services to organizations worldwide, announced Shane Sims has been chosen to become its new Chief Executive Officer.

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    Recovering With Resilience

    In the digital age, loss of access to business technology has the potential to destroy overnight what a company has spent decades building.

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    Logj4 Vulnerability Update

    On December 9, 2021, an exploit proof-of-concept was made publicly available for a vulnerability in open-source logging utility, Apache Log4j versions 2.14.1 and below. This exploit, CVE number 2021-44228, allows attackers to force vulnerable applications to remotely run arbitrary code without authentication, resulting in a complete compromise of the application and the system running the application. 

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    From Remediation to Transformation

    Kivu’s Post Breach Remediation team has excelled at restoring normal IT operations for clients in the wake of ransomware attacks, routinely getting systems back online in hours or days. But response at this speed has one very significant drawback- the risk of recurrence.

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    Kivu Hires VP of Recovery & Transformation

    Kivu Consulting, a leading provider of cybersecurity and forensic services to organizations worldwide, announced that Adam Tyra is joining as Vice President of Recovery and Transformation. Tyra and his team are positioning clients towards success by building a more robust and safer infrastructure.

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    Changing Face of Cyber Claims Report

    Clive Cully, UK Director joined experts from Marsh and Microsoft for a webinar discussing the Changing Face of Cyber Claims report, which provided insights into managing and mitigating cyber risk and claims.

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    OFAC Advisories Highlight Risks in Paying Ransoms

    The FinCEN and OFAC advisories offer a warning to all those providing ransomware response services or insurance coverage for ransomware payments.

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    Cyber Extortion & Ransomware

    Kivu has built an industry leading reputation combating cyber extortion and responding to cyber-crime, enabling our clients to make informed, cost-effective decisions

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    Cyb(h)er: Interview with Alicia Putrino (EP1)

    Gain interesting insight into the educational sector and advice on how to better ourselves within the realm of cyber.

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    Ransomware: Where We Are Now

    Ransomware is now one of the fastest-growing threats in cybersecurity that is ever-evolving. With attacks that are more aggressive and diverse than ever before. Threat actors are constantly improving with the use of multiple attack vectors.

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    Introducing Our Managed Security Services

    With Kivu’s MSS product organizations leverage a trusted team of experts to help prevent, detect, respond to and hunt for threats in their environment.

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    Safeguarding data, encryption, tokenization and hashing

    Encryption is a best practice that helps safeguard private data “at rest” (in the database). However, most companies don’t deploy encryption.


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