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Cyb(HER) Series

Cyb(HER): Interview with Phyllis Sumner

An interview with Phyllis Sumner, Chief Privacy Officer, and Data, Privacy, and Security Practice Leader at King & Spalding

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    Cyber Tips for the Holiday Season

    Learn tips to keep you and your information safe while holiday shopping and finding the cyber deal this holiday season.

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    Ten Common Computer Security Misconfigurations & What to Avoid

    Kivu consulting has identified the top ten most common misconfigurations that lead to intrusions and steps for avoiding them.

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    Surviving a ransomware attack

    This is a case study story about asset inventory, and more broadly the importance of knowing your operational environment.

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    Build A Dream Team In A Weekend

    Kivu’s first-ever all-company retreat overcame the logistical challenge of bringing in over 120 employees from around the world to become a roaring success story.

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    Negotiating with Cyber Terrorists

    Kivu’s Global Managing Director Winston Krone was recently featured in the Washington Post and Bloomberg Opinion, talking to journalist Mark Gilbert about how ransomware threat actors have adapted to the ‘new normal’.

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    Kivu Awarded Patent for IR Technology

    Kivu, a global cyber security solutions provider and trusted partner to insurance carriers and law firms, announced today it has been successful in its application for a patent for its proprietary technology used to remotely collect data as part of its cyber incident response service.

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    Testing Password Encryption Strength

    Security risks associated with weak user-created passwords are well documented. In 2009, for example, cyber security provider Imperva analyzed more than 32 million passwords that were released in a 2009 data breach.

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    PCI 3.0 Data Security Standard

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to companies of any size that accept credit card payments.

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    Good Data Quality is Better Security

    Data quality issues start when information is created. This includes incorrect information, data entry errors, and inaccurate document conversion such as conversion of text contained within image files (e.g., a screen shot from a patient management system).

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    Kivu Serves High Growth Companies
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    Using Web Pages in Forensics Investigations

    Internet technology provides a substantial challenge to the collection and preservation of data, metadata (data that describes and gives information about other data) in particular.

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    Collecting Forensic Data from Apple Devices

    Our forensic professionals have extensive Apple experience and have provided expert testimony on a number of legal cases involving Apple devices.


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