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Ransom Demands Skyrocket

Bloomberg discusses with Winston Krone how Bitcoin eased the way for ransomware attacks and how his firm, Kivu Consulting, has teams of multi-lingual investigators trained to negotiate with hackers or ensure clients aren’t dealing with a terrorist group, which can run afoul of U.S. laws.

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Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)

While “Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)” has been discussed as far back as 2015, Kivu had its first confirmed RaaS case utilizing Satan ransomware earlier this year.

On the victim side, there is not a significant difference between how traditional ransomware and RaaS ransomware infects the environment. The difference lies on the attacker side.

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International Breach Response

Kivu’s Shawn Melito and nNovation’s Shaun Brown presented on International Breach Response to a full room at the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Canada Privacy Symposium last week. With changes to Canada’s PIPEDA and the GDPR coming to effect in 2018, the audience was very interested (and asked a number of very probing questions) on the presenter’s take on how breach response is going to change under the new legislation, and how established breach response companies were already handling them. Click here for a copy of the presentation.

What Real-Life Kidnappings Can Teach Us About Dealing With Digital Ones

Kidnappings for ransom have been dramatized on television and in the movies and detailed on the news.  Experts are now looking at these to better understand how to deal with the growing threat of ransomware, which is now a billion dollar a year industry.

Ransomware v2: Facing the Latest Cyber Security Threats

There’s no doubt that ransomware attacks are on the rise and they’re becoming more insidious. Mark Greisiger spoke with Winston Krone, global managing director of Kivu Consulting about what the latest version of ransomware looks like and what risk managers should do if it strikes their organization.

ForenData Leakage Imagesic Analysis Reveals Data Leaks in HIPAA Compliant Software

PII/PHI data leakage, or the unauthorized transfer of PII/PHI, continues to be a significant risk for healthcare organizations. Exposed PII/PHI goes undetected due to lack of awareness and over-reliance on software, Megan Bell, Senior Director Analytics, Kivu and Adam C. Solander, Member of the Firm, Epstein Becker Green, (Oct 2015)


Hidden data hidden threatHidden data: hidden threat

Some of the worst and most costly data breaches occur because an organisation doesn’t know what and how much data they have stored, says Winston Krone in an interview for Hiscox Global Insight. (September 2015)


Five Things ImageFive Things Hackers Don’t Want Small-To-Medium Sized Business Owners To Know

Many small-to-medium (SMB) sized businesses believe that they aren’t important or large enough to be targeted by hackers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, Winston Krone, Managing Director, Kivu. (August, 2015)



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