Winston Krone

Winston Krone

Position: Chief Research Officer

Winston Krone has handled the investigation and analysis of hundreds of cyber incidents in healthcare, high tech, professional services, education and financial institutions.  Winston has specific expertise in both the technical and legal issues behind network intrusion and cyber extortion.  He is an attorney qualified in the UK and California and a court-qualified computer forensics expert. As such, Winston frequently testifies as a cyber expert in post-breach litigation, cyber insurance coverage disputes, and has presented his findings to regulators in the US and Europe.  In 2015 he was appointed a Special Master in a US Federal Court class action, supervising the privacy issues of millions of student records.

In summer 2017, Winston transferred from California to Amsterdam and currently supervises Kivu’s EU operations, including international breach response and GDPR compliance.

Winston’s clients include multinational corporations, governmental organizations and high net worth individuals. Cases have included investigating hacking, unauthorized access to data, theft of trade secrets and confidential data, corporate espionage, corruption and embezzlement.  Winston is also an expert in the collection, preservation, use and production of digital data in criminal and civil litigation.

Prior to joining Kivu, Winston was a Managing Director and Director of Computer Investigations for a publicly traded US risk management company. As an attorney, Winston worked for major law firms in London, Brussels and San Francisco.  His legal experience includes civil litigation, white-collar crime, intellectual property and employment law. Winston represented clients at both civil and criminal cases in California state courts, the English High Court, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Winston has also worked for the US State Department as a field officer and senior legal advisor in the Former Yugoslavia and Central Africa. He served as the legal expert on property issues for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe as part of the UN mission in Kosovo, 1999-2000.

Winston received his Bachelor of Arts in Law from Oxford University, England. He has completed numerous professional and vocation training courses in cyber forensics including at the Federal training facility (SEARCH) and the Master’s certificate course at the University of New Haven.