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Cyb(h)er: Interview with Alicia Putrino

Cyb(h)er: – An Interview Series with Guest Alicia Putrino

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  • Kivu Hires VP of Recovery & Transformation

    Kivu Consulting, a leading provider of cybersecurity and forensic services to organizations worldwide, announced that Adam Tyra is joining as Vice President of Recovery and Transformation. Tyra and his team are positioning clients towards success by building a more robust and safer infrastructure.

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    Cyb(h)er – An Interview Series With Guest Alicia Putrino

    The women at Kivu Consulting present, Cyb(h)er, an interview series featuring phenomenal women within the cyber industry.

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    Ransomware. Where Are We Now?

    On February 18th, 2021 Kivu Consulting and NFP, a leading insurance broker, hosted a webinar called “Ransomware. Where are we now?”.

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    Kivu Appoints Mickey Perry as the New Chief Information Officer

    Kivu would like to officially announce the appointment of Mickey Perry as our new Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Head of Alliances.

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    Bridget Q. Choi joins panel on Cybersecurity at the NYSBA Annual Meeting

    Bridget Quinn Choi will join a panel entitled “Cybersecurity Update: Risks, Exposure, and Prevention” at the Annual Meeting of the NYSBA.

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    Kivu Appoints Jim Tiller as the new Chief Services and Operation Officer

    Kivu is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Tiller, a global leader in cybersecurity, as their new Chief Services & Operation Officer.

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    Kivu and Lockton MEDR Announcement

    Kivu Consulting partners with Lockton to provide a cost-effective solution to reduce ransomware risk.

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