Cyb(h)er – An Interview Series With Guest Alicia Putrino

Cyb(h)er Series, Cybersecurity March 18, 2021

The women at Kivu present, Cyb(h)er. An interview series featuring phenomenal women within the cyber industry. Our mission is to empower and give awareness to women in cyber security. We are excited to showcase these incredible women and have them speak about their journey within cyberspace.

Our guest for this week’s upcoming Cyb(h)er episode is Alicia Putrino. She is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at McGraw Hill, a learning sciences company specializing in software development for pre-K through post-graduate education.

About Alicia Putrino

As CISO, Alicia manages McGraw Hill cybersecurity strategy and operations and has been instrumental in transforming McGraw Hill’s cybersecurity approach to a dynamic and proactive one, communicating to the Board of Directors to keep them apprised of security risks and mitigation efforts, and ensuring the focus on cybersecurity is maintained company-wide.

Since Alicia began managing the Cybersecurity team in 2019, McGraw Hill has been consistently ranked top in the educational publishing industry by the SecurityScorecard rating platform and has maintained an “A” rating across multiple domains, ranking above each of their competitors.

Prior to her current role, Alicia led several large-scale technology initiatives and spent the last five years at McGraw Hill Education leading the Global Technology Program Management Office (PMO).  Alicia started her career in Human Resources working closely with the CIO and IT leadership team and took on roles in the global technology organization handling communications, change management, and project management. Alicia holds a BS in Elementary Education from The College of New Jersey.

Learn about her path to becoming CISO. 

Bridget states “You have an interesting path to CISO” and Alicia replies “I definitely had an untraditional path…”

Do you think the role of CISO has changed in the past couple years?

Absolutely, I think the CISO role was probably more reactionary in the past and kind of a role and function in corporate technology and has become more proactive and important to the entire organization.

She goes on to speak about the shift of CISO within her company.

The interview goes on and touches on the biggest privacy educational risk and how it has been amplified by the rush to becoming remote.

Stay Tuned

Our upcoming interview with Alicia will be released on March 19th, 2021. Gain interesting insight into the educational sector and advice on how to better ourselves within the realm of cyber.

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