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Kivu is a transformational force in cyber security with a long legacy of successfully managing threats to clients’ digital operations. Kivu combines world-class expertise and innovative strategies to offer security services with market-leading speed, quality and transparency to companies of all sizes. Kivu can help your clients maintain confidence and sustainability in their digital systems through rigorous preparation, swift detection and response to attacks, and expert execution of recovery strategies.

  • Our people, platforms, services, processes and best practices integrate easily with those of our partners.
  • Cyber security technology vendors, insurers and law firms, management consulting firms, and other cyber security consultants benefit from partnering with Kivu.
  • Serve clients around the globe with world-class speed, quality and transparency. Our remote delivery model, innovative practices and tools, broad suite of services, and long history of helping clients manage cyberattacks make us the right partner for clients of all sizes and needs.
  • We’re ready to move when incidents happen, so your customers and clients can move forward faster.

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