Get back in business faster after a cyberattack

When ransomware strikes, it can take not only your data but also your business and future with it. Getting your systems back online, securely and swiftly, can make a world of difference to your revenues and reputation. And to your regulatory compliance and long-term insurability.

Restore. Rebuild. Reimagine. Re-envision.

Take back control from ransomware with the help of the best in the business.

Kivu has a large dedicated Recovery & Transformation team with deep expertise in IT architecture, current insight into threat actors, and extensive experience in post-incident recovery. We work intensively on-site with your IT team to restore and rebuild your systems efficiently, leaving you more resilient and resistant to future attacks.

Our service is built on years of work with cyber insurance partners. We have deep understanding of the insurance claims process and pain points, and work seamlessly with your insurer and breach coach. Our proprietary technology for remote assistance keeps on-site team size down.

Detect and eradicate the continuing spread of malware within your network. Scan for and identify data exfiltration to meet breach notification requirements. Deploy endpoint protection to ensure network defense and more. Keep IT, the C-suite and legal counsel in the loop with real-time and actionable reporting.

Whether you require a complete system rebuild, a restore from good backups, or a decryption exercise, Kivu can help you get back to business.

Business Continuity Planning

Perform a site assessment and establish a plan for recovery that prioritizes critical technologies and restores services to reduce overall business impact. Restore business operations as quickly as possible, with Kivu working at your side. Identify initial infiltration, any lateral movement and any potential data exfiltration. Disable services or patch relevant system vulnerabilities in real-time to repel the attackers. Detect and eradicate ongoing network compromises using our proprietary or partner-developed tools.

We can also conduct architectural “health checks” pre-incident to verify that you’re up to a minimum readiness standard.

Data Recovery and Restoration

Restore backup data from the cloud or on-premise to get you back in business as soon as possible. Kivu experts and resources work alongside your IT teams, vendors, and MSPs to make this happen. We’ll recover encrypted data via provided decryption keys, if applicable.


Reimage, reinstall, and operationalize clean systems, back into the environment with on-site resources or through remote support. Assist with network defense security implementations, even across multiple locations.

Our Capabilities

Our world-class service has been field-tested in hundreds of engagements. Our vast toolbelt carries a solution for every problem.

Responsive cyberattack services that help you get back to business faster

Remediate cyberattacks

Restore and rebuild systems post-breach

Reimagine cyber-readiness and deploy new fortification

Your resilience partner.

Kivu is a transformational cybersecurity services provider, resetting client and partner expectations for service quality and resilience of their digital systems.