Data Breach Response

Why Kivu for Data Breach Response?

In today’s environment, a data breach is the perfect storm. It destroys customer loyalty, ruins corporate reputations, absorbs employee time and scarce resources, and opens the door to regulatory actions and law suits.

In the face of constant external and internal threats, only careful planning and an aggressive response can prevent an incident from turning into a corporate disaster.

Kivu Consulting’s professionals work with organizations to effectively prevent or mitigate data breaches. Our teams combine expertise in incident response, unparalleled organizational skills, and legal knowledge of the compliance issues. As an investigative firm, our experts evaluate the human behavior that lead to a breach, and use traditional investigative methods including witness interviews, research, and liaising with law enforcement.

We have investigated and acted upon data breaches in hospitals, universities, financial institutions, and publicly traded companies throughout the United States. Our team members are certified experts in incident response and computer forensics including GIAC GCIH, CISA, CISSP, and EnCE. We are experienced in all current and legacy server operating systems including Windows NT/ 2000/ 2003/ 2008, Solaris, Red Hat/ Debian/ SUSE Linux, Novell Netware, Cisco IOS, and Mac OS Server.