Computer Forensics

Why Kivu Forensics?

Computer forensics is the use of scientific methodologies for collecting, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence in litigation. The challenge for forensic experts grows as organizations store data on ever-increasing numbers of devices, operating systems and shared platforms

Kivu’s digital forensics professionals are experts in forensically imaging and ensuring the proper preservation of digital evidence in all its formats. Our in-house personnel are among the most highly skilled in the United States, with certifications including GCFE, EnCE, and CFE.

Kivu is experienced in providing counsel with clear and usable information, whether it relates to the creation date of a specific file or the provenance of gigabytes of recovered deleted emails.

Our in-house team has testified as experts in state and Federal courts, and have advised on issues including metadata, the recovery of deleted data, and the significance of operating system logs and forensic artifacts.

Organizations are storing information on ever-increasing numbers of devices, operating systems and shared platforms, ranging from cell phones to distributed “cloud networks.” Kivu is unique in understanding the legal implications and advising on the technical and practical challenges of digital forensics in the modern workplace. We have worked on almost every conceivable type of computer media, configuration and email application. Our expertise and years of experience allow us to provide our clients with cost-effective and unimpeachable arguments at all stages of litigation and dispute resolution.