Fusing expertise and advanced technology to deliver cyber security solutions worldwide.

Kivu Appoints Mecca Robbins as the New Chief People Officer
We Promise Immediate Response
Immediate Reponse

Remote tools and protocols allow Kivu to respond immediately to an incident anywhere in the world, without needing to be onsite. This capability saves time and decreases costs.

Trusted by insurance and legal firms
Insurance and Legal Firms

Kivu is the leading provider of digital forensic services to the cyber insurance community. We are the trusted advisor to carriers and legal counsel throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

Cyber security experts
Security Experts

Our analysts determine how a data breach occurred, address the problem, and make sure a business is more digitally secure.

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Introducing Kivu's True Cyber Crime podcast

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Kivu awarded patent

Learn about our proprietary software that scans IT systems remotely

Surviving a one-two punch ransomware attack


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Was there a breach? If so, to what extent?

24/7 response to network intrusions and data compromise

Kivu will accurately and credibly determine whether an intrusion occurred, assess the damage, and work with your organization to quickly control the breach. If necessary, we can also assist your team in preparing for a public notification. Learn more >