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Cookies and Other Information Tracking Technologies

Kivu Consulting, Inc.’s cookie policy and information regarding the purpose and management of cookies are outlined below.  Also included is the use of other online services that Kivu Consulting, Inc. may use and how these services track user information.   Website users are encouraged to review the full policy below to understand what information is collected by Kivu Consulting, Inc.  and how that information is used by Kivu Consulting, Inc.

What is a Cookie?

A “cookie” is a small data file placed on your browsing device by websites you have visited and stored on your browsing device.  The information stored in a cookie is used for many purposes such as identifying a user, customizing a web application, or managing website performance.  For more information about cookies and controlling cookies, visit

 Why we use cookies?

Kivu Consulting, Inc.’s websites uses cookies, in conjunction with Kivu Consulting, Inc.’s web server log files, to provide a more personalized and responsive experience for users who visit Kivu Consulting, Inc.’s websites.  Cookies assist Kivu Consulting, Inc. in understanding your visit to the website and how you use this site.  Cookies also assist Kivu Consulting, Inc. in diagnosing and managing the performance of its websites.

Kivu does not use cookies to track or identify the Internet activity of our website visitors other than their visits to the Kivu website, and the link they may have used to reach the Kivu website.

Use of This Site

By using this site, you agree that Kivu Consulting, Inc. can place cookies on your computer or device. As explained above, you can control and manage cookies in various ways.  If you have configured your browser to disable cookies, you may still browse this website and download materials.

 Types of Cookies Used

There are two types of cookies that Kivu Consulting, Inc. employs in relation to its website.  The cookies fall into two categories that are described below.

Type Description
Performance Cookies Performance cookies monitor the use of a website by collecting information to track unique victors, pages visited, time spent on specific pages, and other details regarding a website visit.  Kivu Consulting, Inc. uses these cookies for the purpose of analyzing website performance, user experience and opportunities to improve the website.  See specific information below regarding analytic services used by Kivu Consulting, Inc. and specific cookies.
Social Media Cookies In order to make the sharing of content easier, some website pages may contain content links, tools or applications that are linked to third party social media service providers such as LinkedIn.  These social media service providers may set their own cookies on your browsing device when you visit their website or use their tools or applications.  Kivu Consulting, Inc. does not control these cookies and you should check a specific social media service provider’s website for further details about how they use cookies.

 Performance Cookies

1. Google Analytics (and Map Generator)
This website uses Google Analytics cookies to track and analyze site visits. Google Analytics sets a cookie using a small amount of JavaScript code on web pages that are tracked in a website.  The information generated by a Google Analytics’ cookie (including IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.  (Map Generator is a map tool provided by Google and Google Analytics tracks a website’s referral to a Map Generator web page.)

Cookie Name Purpose
_utma Determines first visit to the sitefrom a particular browser
_utmb Used to establish and continue a user session with the site
_utmc Holds timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor leaves the site
_ utmz Records the type of referral to reach the site including direct, referring link, email link, Web site search.

For more information, visit Google’s help pages and privacy policy.  For information specifically about Google Analytics cookies, refer to Google Analytics’ cookie usage.

2. StatCounter
This website uses StatCounter to track and analyze site visits.  StatCounter uses cookies to analyze how website visitors use the site.  The information generated by StatCounter’s cookie (including IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by StatCounter in accordance with their privacy policy.

Cookie Name Purpose
is_unique Used to determine first-time or returning visitor to a website and to estimate unique visits to that site.

For more information, visit StatCounter’s privacy policy.  For information specifically about StatCounter cookies, refer to StatCounter’s cookie page.

How a User Can Manage Cookies Using a Browser?

There are a variety of tools available to users to control cookies and similar technologies.  Cookie management includes limiting the types of cookies installed on a browsing device and deleting cookies.  Examples of Internet browser cookie management can be reviewed for the following browsers:

If you have configured your browser to disable cookies, you may still browse this website and download materials.

How a User Can Manage Performance (Analytics) Cookies?

A user can opt-out of having browsing activity tracked within websites recorded by analytics cookies. Visit the following sites to opt out of analytic services used on this website:

Social Media Services

Kivu Consulting, Inc. may use the following social media service providers.  For more information about the privacy policies (including cookies) of the social media service providers, please visit the following sites:

  1. LinkedIn:
  2. Google+: and
  3. YouTube:
  4. Twitter:


Kivu Consulting, Inc. may use Google AdWords for advertising on the Google website or through Google’s advertising network.  Kivu Consulting, Inc. does not use AdWords directly on its websites.  For information on Google AdWord pirivacy and cookie policies, please refer to Google’s website.

Electronic Communications

Kivu Consulting, Inc. uses MailChimp to communicate with select individuals.  Communications include newsletters, announcements, and training opportunities.  In each MailChimp communication, an option to unsubscribe is placed in the footer of the communication.

MailChimp uses a web beacon (or a tiny tracking .gif image) in emails to track emails that are opened.  MailChimp also tracks email links that are clicked.  To learn more about MailChimp and its information collection, handling and retention practices, review MailChimp’s Privacy Policy.  (A web beacon is a transparent pixel image that may be used in collecting information about website usage, e-mail response and tracking.)

Date of Last Revision: November 24, 2017