24/7 Protection Against Cyber Threats For All. No Heavy Lifting.

Cyber threats are a multi-billion-dollar business these days, both creating them and combating them. The stakes keep getting higher. The targets are ever smaller and more diverse. Repeat attacks are more frequent and threat actors more elusive. Fighting cyber threats is taking more time, expense and expertise for organizations of all sizes, while leaving them vulnerable and exposed. Now, you can avoid the business distraction and strengthen your response with world-class, cyber managed services. So you can move forward faster.

Comprehensive Managed Services for Cyber Threats

Deploy 24/7 threat monitoring and response without the need to build this capability in-house, whether it’s for five computers at your small business or 100,000 or more endpoints at a multinational corporation. Whether you’re looking for a rapid-deployment solution for an incident or a strategic long-term solution, we’re there for you.

Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) team, combined with industry-leading EDR solutions, monitors and investigates events in your environment. Watch for suspicious or malicious behaviors, or anything in between.

Experienced U.S.- based multilingual cybersecurity analysts have your back. They bring backgrounds in the Fortune 10, Big 4 (EY), Top 3 international insurers, United States Army, and United States Marines. Our analysts are certified by the vendors of the tools we use.

Quickly gain insight into your environments and react to threats as they’re identified. Collaborate with our MDR team to understand their findings, contain suspicious activity, and mitigate impact.

As an AI-driven, cloud-based service, we deploy live into an incident or into a state-full environment with ease. In either case, you get access to the freshest, near-real-time threat intelligence.

Meanwhile, take infrastructure management off your worry list. Kivu maintains all requirements and processes for endpoint detection & response (EDR) updates, implements interoperability where needed, and provides 24/7 technical support for the environment and endpoint health.

24/7 Monitoring

Fast-deploy managed detection and response (MDR) that spans event detection, alert triage, investigation, and escalation to your designated point of contact (when appropriate).

Analyze security events by looking at threat indicators such as file hashes, file type, IP addresses, and URLs/hostnames/domains.

Close security event tickets according to your internal triage and investigative procedures. Kivu collaborates with you to reach the best possible resolution for alerts.

Incident Containment and Management

Receive alert investigation detail and supporting information useful in remediation by your internal staff or by Kivu’s separate Incident Response (IR) service.  Our incident ticketing and event tracking preserve history for future analysis and continuous improvement.

Dark Web Scanning and Monitoring Services

Find out if your data is for sale on the Web. We collect keywords and terms identifying your critical assets (including people), and run them by Dark Web marketplaces and auction houses. We do this weekly during our engagement. You can also buy this as a separate, long-term service.

MDR Agent Management and Upkeep

Relax with end-to-end management of your cyber threat MDR infrastructure. Kivu manages deployments of standard software upgrades and patches to your EDR platform as needed, as well as completely manages EDR upgrades.  We’ll identify, implement and track changes requested for a security solution, such as necessary exclusions, blacklisting, and interoperability requests.  We’ll assist in investigating EDR run-state problems with health and performance, for resolution by us or escalation to an outside EDR vendor.

Our Capabilities

End-to-end cyber threat monitoring as a service, for 5 to 100,000+ endpoints

24/7 Monitoring

Security Event Response

Managed Detection & Response Infrastructure Management

Partner With Us

Kivu looks to partner with organizations who strive to help clients with their cybersecurity journey.