Why Work at Kivu?

As a member of the Kivu team, you will:

Work with top-tier colleagues

Learn the latest technologies and work with the latest tools

Develop your leadership skills

Build a career in a fast-growing and fascinating industry

Join the good fight against cybercrime

Make a difference to clients and an important contribution to a better, safer world


Kivu has developed an organizational culture that empowers individuals to do their best work. Our team members are highly technical, have an understanding of what makes people tick, and a sense of humor is always appreciated. They have the ability to rapidly shift gears between a technical and investigative mindset, have excellent research skills, and are able to analyze and synthesize data from different sources.


Kivu’s has ten core values: Client Service, Professionalism, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Diversity, Excellence, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship. These values permeate everything we do, and every case we handle.


In order to attract and retain some of the best and brightest in the industry, Kivu offers highly competitive compensation and benefits programs. These include:

  • Substantial training (both in-house and at nationally recognized institutions)
  • Time off plan that includes vacation, sick and holiday time
  • Competitive medical and dental benefits
  • Bonus program
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan (including an employer match)
  • Commuter Plan
  • Remote positions


As a member of the MSS team here at Kivu, the most rewarding aspect of the job is making a meaningful difference with the services that we provide. Many of our clients come to us in a time of crisis, and nothing beats the feeling that you get when you prevent another catastrophic event from occurring within their network.

Managed Services & Support Analyst

This is my first job in the cyber security field but not my first in IT, so I was nervous coming in. But I’ve gotten help every step of the way to learn all the tools and procedures needed to get the job done. I also look forward to not only having a job for years to come at Kivu but also a career here that I can be proud of. Thank you, Kivu, for giving me a chance and being such an amazing place to work.


Having the opportunity to work with people who really have their skills down and are willing to help new people has been amazing. I can't speak to past management, but from what I've seen under the new management, things are not only great for employees, but the company is absolutely heading in the right direction now. I love the leadership on the MSS team, both for their honesty with team members, and their constant encouragement and support for individual growth. They take input from the team, and if someone has a good idea, they run with it. HUGE breath of fresh air! I hope to be with the company for quite some time to come!


Pursue the work that you love and partner with individuals who share the same passion. Show up every day with a good attitude, good work ethic and treat people with respect and kindness. When you do those things, you will find a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and value.

People Services Manager

We don't sell security tools here - our clients could easily go directly to the vendor for that. What we offer is a skilled 24 X 7 team to monitor for and act upon suspicious and malicious activity. We handle the security and monitoring of your network, so that you can focus on where the rubber meets the road -- your revenue-generating business operations.

Managed Services & Support Analyst

I love working at Kivu because I get great support and the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and work on a variety of exciting initiatives that allows me to engage with all the wonderful people across the company.

HR Analyst