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Kivu Consulting announces strategic partnership with Microsoft

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    Reduce Stress With Tabletop Exercises

    Many organizations are required to conduct an annual incident response tabletop exercise to meet compliance or audit requirements, which can be a source of great consternation within various organizations. Check out Advisory Director, Tom Schwab's recent article "How to get the most out of your tabletop exercise and reduce your stress".

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    Kivu Consulting, Inc. announces strategic partnership with Microsoft

    Decades of professional service, cyber threat intelligence, and products to reduce cyber risk for organizations of any size, anywhere.

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    Kivu Hires Justin Harvey, Global Cyber Threat Defense leader, as Vice President

    Kivu Consulting, Inc. (Kivu), a leading provider of cybersecurity and forensic services worldwide, welcomes Justin Harvey as Vice President. The cyber-defense, incident response, and threat hunting industry veteran will lead Kivu’s Digital Forensics & Incident Response business unit focused on crisis response to cyberattacks and helping organizations quickly contain and recover.

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    Ransomware: Could Have-Would Have-Should Have

    Following a notable decline in 2022, Kivu has observed signs of increased activity in Q1 2023.  Most of these events result from threat actors targeting older, known vulnerabilities that could have been addressed. Realizing your business has been impacted by a successful ransomware attack can paralyze decision-makers causing long-term pain in the future.  Below are some things for your organization to keep in mind.

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    Kivu Consulting announces strategic partnership with Cerberus Sentinel

    Global cybersecurity services firm broadens team in incident response, digital forensics, and ransomware negotiation

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    Cybersecurity Awareness – Friday Facts 10/7

    Cybersecurity Awareness - Friday Facts#BeCyberSmartCustomer Guidance for Reported Zero-day Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server

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    Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

    Microsoft recently disclosed two zero-day vulnerabilities that affect Microsoft Exchange servers 2013, 2016, and 2019 (CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082). Currently, there is no patch for these vulnerabilities, and they have actively been exploited. The newly disclosed Exchange vulnerabilities are similar to the ProxyShell exploit, which can result in remote code execution via Powershell.

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    Kivu Hires Carlene Shores, Cybersecurity Industry Veteran, as Vice President of Sales

    Kivu Hires Carlene Shores, Cybersecurity Industry Veteran, as Vice President of Sales Top sales executive brings decades of expertise in solving cybersecurity needs

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    Cyb(HER) Featuring Kivu and Catherine Lyle of Coalition
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    Kivu Hires Billy Evans, Cybercrime Expert and Military Veteran, as Senior Vice President 
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    Cyb(HER) Podcast featuring Kivu & Patricia Kocsondy

    Kivu's Director of Incident Response interviews Patricia Kocsondy, Beazley's Head of US Cyber Risks.

  • Peeling Back the Layers on Incident Root Causes

    Check out Kivu's thought piece "Peeling Back the Layers On Incident Root Causes".


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