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Kivu Consulting announces strategic partnership with Microsoft

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    Kivu to Leverage Industry-leading CrowdStrike Technology for Its Managed and Response Business Units

    Kivu Consulting, a leading global cybersecurity solutions provider, and trusted partner to insurance carriers and law firms, is pleased to announce they have selected CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data, to integrate its best-in-class security products into Kivu's digital forensics and incident response services.

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    Kivu Consulting Elects Shane Sims as Chief Executive Officer

    Kivu Consulting, a leading global cybersecurity consulting firm, announced that Shane Sims has formally been appointed Chief Executive Officer.

  • 2022 Threat Actor Update

    Check out our latest report discussing Kivu's observations on the threat landscape and ransomware group activity.

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    Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Announces New Cybersecurity Partnership with Kivu to Provide Insights and Benchmarking of Effective Controls to Ransomware Threats.

    Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CCRS) and Kivu Consulting, Inc. have combined efforts to pioneer new research to improve the response to cybercrime.

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    Better Without Betterment

    Every day, Kivu engages with clients recovering from devastating ransomware attacks. Usually, that entails discussing a client’s recovery needs with its insurer to determine whether recovery can be reimbursed. Kivu's Vice President of Advisory Services, Adam Tyra's most recent article dives into the concept of "betterment" and offers guidelines to define "betterment".

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    Cyb(HER) Podcast with Phyllis Sumner

    Join Kivu Consulting's Director of Incident Response, Candice Wendt for an interview with King & Spalding's Chief Privacy Officer and Data, Privacy, and Security Practice Lead, Phyllis Sumner.

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    There are many vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit for a ransomware event, and organizations must account for them all. Well-known tactics like phishing and brute force attacks receive the most attention. However, more obscure threats like “malvertising” can also become the organization’s Achilles heel.

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    Can Organizations Still Pay Ransomware Demands?

    The Russian conflict against Ukraine brought devastating impacts for both nations.  Beyond the initial tragedy, as fighting continues and sanctions sink in, government and industry can expect cascading implications of a global magnitude.  Those implications include greater cyber risk. What does that mean for paying ransom demands?

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    Cyber Warfare: What Does It Mean?

    In the wake of Russia's invasion into Ukraine, some have suggested that the United States might respond with cyberattacks against Russia. While a preemptive cyberattack on another nation is a jarring proposal, it certainly isn't new. 

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    Conflict in Ukraine Shows Cyberattack Potential in the Battlefield

    While far from the front lines, US companies clearly have an increased cyber risk from the Russian instigated conflict against Ukraine.  After Russian military hackers carried out intensive cyberattacks against several of Ukraine’s banks and government websites, Britain's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warned of potential cyberattacks with "international consequences."

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    Navigating the First 48 Hours of a Cyberattack

    With the growth of frequency and sophistication of cybercrime, organizations must prepare and remain vigilant for this leading risk.  Kivu Consulting offers the following roadmap for organizations to find solid footing during a ransomware event. 

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    MFA No Longer an Obstacle for Threat Actors

    As employers allow more employees to work from home, safeguarding company networks continues to be a challenge. To mitigate the increased risk from phishing campaigns targeting remote workers, many companies have adopted two-factor authentication (2FA).


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