Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Ransomware has targeted organizations of all sizes and from every industry. Threat actors benefit from a landscape of vulnerable systems, little fear of punishment, and a stream of anonymous cryptocurrency payments. Meanwhile, the cost to the business—in frozen business operations and lost sales—can be staggering. When ransomware or data exfiltration calls, it’s time to call in the experts in strategic response.

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Kivu provides both tactical and strategic support to organizations that need to engage and negotiate with threat actors. Kivu is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) with the US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). As a registered MSB, Kivu implements a framework based on guidance from the U.S. Department of the Treasury to avoid violating sanctions regimes and achieve regulatory compliance. Kivu has extensive experience dealing with insurers and data breach coaches, often key players in ransomware situations.

Behind CETI is a squad of experienced negotiators and communicators who listen carefully to you and your specific needs and concerns. Beyond a war chest of threat intelligence, CETI staff bring personal passion and our industry’s deepest expertise in this area to every case (800+ of them to date).

CETI complements your Incident Response (IR) operations, regardless of the provider. Our threat intelligence is extensive and continuously updated. With our Incident Response & Digital Forensics services, we can provide end-to-end cyber threat incident response services if you need them spun up quickly.

Kivu is there when you need us.

Comprehensive Services for Cyber Extortion Protection

Kivu has more than a decade of experience in dealing with cyber threat actors and achieving best possible outcomes. Kivu offers victimized companies a world-class set of services to protect you from today’s ever-present cyber extortion threat. Our services are powered by both market-leading threat intelligence, law enforcement reporting, and our own unique insights. Our high-tech/high-touch approach to negotiations delivers a customized approach that meets each client’s specific goals and the profile of the threat actor. No situation is ever alike, but we’ve seen and learned a lot since 2009.

Our services cover cyber extortion threats from end to end.  What’s the best way to protect your business operations and get you back in business as fully and quickly as possible?  Knowledge is power.

  • Responding to Threat Actors: Our experienced staff (many from long careers in law enforcement) negotiate with threat actors.  We develop a strategy based on the client’s goals and intense threat intelligence on the attacker. We review and analyze past tactics and threat intelligence about the actor in determining the go-forward strategy. You get a customized and empathetic response to your situation. No cookie-cutter approach here.
  • Ransomware Settlement:  Kivu analyzes the cyber threat actor and variant of ransomware, and provides intelligence around the cyber incident. For those companies left with no choice but to pay the demand, Kivu can aid in remittance and help shield clients from direct exposure to threat actors. Kivu technical experts examine the validity of decryption keys and provide written decryption guidance.  Kivu’s Recovery & Transformation service can help you rebuild your systems and processes post-incident. With a projected 75% of businesses experiencing a second incident within three months, refortifying based on experience and the latest threat intelligence is vital.
  • OFAC Sanctions Check & Due Diligence:  As stated, Kivu aspires to the highest level of compliance with OFAC sanctions and other regulatory requirements. We preserve evidence and perform an analysis on the threat actor and transaction to evaluate if there is a potential violation of OFAC sanctions. This helps protect you from legal risks related to sanctioned entities.

Our Capabilities

A tailored approach to cyber threats from the experts in cyber extortion response (800+ incidents).

Business Continuity Preservation

Ransomware Negotiations & Settlement

Ransomware Assessment

Decryption Guidance and Post-Incident Rebuild