Combating a Dynamic Cyber Threat Environment

Threat tactics are changing at an accelerating rate, with 75% of IT organizations likely to face one or more attacks by 2025 (Gartner, 2021). Holistic cyber protection capabilities can greatly reduce your exposure and risk. Regular validation of controls and processes is a must-have.

Cyber security that’s ready for anything.

A proactive cyber readiness plan, created by experts with hundreds of such plans under their belts, will pay for itself far into the future.

The benefits are many. Protect or gain insurability. Avoid chaotic business disruption. Accelerate sustainable business transformation. Establish resilient operations. Maintain compliance.

Achieve cyber readiness success by taking these three steps.

Prepare: Align corporate objectives with cyber capabilities, evaluate operational resiliency, and provide long-term stability for peace of mind.

Build & Optimize: Accelerate operational excellence, create greater efficiencies and effectiveness, and improve execution of cyber security capabilities.

Test & Validate: Deliver operational assurance that the people, processes and/or technology behind your cyber risk & resilience strategy are working and delivering as intended.

The Kivu experience is powered by professionals with cybersecurity backgrounds in the Fortune 10, Big 4 (EY), Top 3 international insurers, United States Army, United States Marines and elsewhere. The CR&R team has extensive in enterprise risk management and compliance, as well as hands-on experience with security architecture, network and data security, identity and access management, and security program development in multiple industries.


Board Advisory & Strategic Cyber Planning:  Ensure success with executive-level advisory, industry visibility and strategic alignment with corporate goals.

Risk & Security Control Assessments:  Achieve holistic awareness of current people, process and/or technology cyber capabilities and a prioritized roadmap for improvement.

Architecture Reviews: Create the right foundation with an expert-level evaluation of inter-dependent cyber capabilities–one that leverages first-hand knowledge of the latest attack techniques and analyzes your collective ability to withstand an attack.

IR/DR Plan Assessments: Leverage world-class subject-matter experts to analyze the critical processes needed to effectively respond and recover from a dynamic and ever-changing threat landscape.

Ransomware Assessments: While you can’t necessarily prevent every ransomware attack, you can be better prepared for one. Let our experts conduct and emulate a ransomware attack on the your environment to assess your vulnerabilities and readiness. We’ll test the response and decision-making of all key stakeholders and identify points of weakness for remediation.  So you’re ready when it happens.


Build & Optimize

Architecture Design & Implementation: Exploit best-practice cyber design and implementation to accelerate effective cyber-readiness capabilities.

Cyber Program Development: Deploy holistic design across people, process and technology to build or improve full operational resilience.

IR/DR Plan Development: Use first-hand expertise to develop more-effective plans critical for response and recovery from a cyber attack.

Cyber Process Automation:  Increase cyber resiliency and preparedness with automation that provides greater consistency and effectiveness in managing your cyber program.


Test & Validate

Vulnerability Assessments: Deploy periodic testing of networked devices to identify software vulnerabilities and eradicate soft targets.

Network & Application Penetration Testing:  Emulate real-world attack techniques to thoroughly test and exploit potential vulnerabilities.

Incident Response/Ransomware Tabletops:  Evaluate and train your staff to fulfill their roles in responding to an incident, using scenarios based on recent attack trends.

Disaster Recovery Tabletops: Avoid heat-of-battle errors by validating and training your staff to understand their roles and responsibilities in an effective response to a cyber attack.

Our Capabilities

A world-class Cyber Risk & Resilience service that’s been field-tested in hundreds of engagements.


Build & Optimize

Test & Validate