Employee Misconduct

Misconduct by employees and trusted insiders can expose organizations to crushing regulatory and civil liability, damaged business relationships, negative publicity, and significant costs of remediation. Kivu helps organizations identify and deliver unimpeachable evidence in workplace conduct investigations.

Kivu’s legal cases have included allegations of harassment, workplace theft, accounting fraud, and inappropriate computer usage. Kivu is an industry leader in investigating data destruction and cyber vandalism carried out by current and former employees, including criminal collusion with third parties, competitors and hackers.

Kivu’s forensic professionals are experienced in working with a client’s own IT and security department in order to minimize cost and maximize efficiencies. Kivu has also operated independently, when the target of an investigation was within the IT department itself. Where appropriate, Kivu can add other investigative services, such as custodian or employee interviews, surveillance, and public records research.

Kivu personnel have testified as expert witnesses in state and Federal employment cases on issues of inappropriate computer usage, unauthorized access to confidential data, and privacy issues in workplace investigations. Our analysts have made presentations to employment law groups on best practices and pitfalls in cyber workplace investigations.