Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are regularly used to save the most personal of information, such as contacts, photos, calendars, notes, text messages, videos, email, web browsing information, location information, and social networking messages and contacts. Kivu’s forensic investigators have the knowledge and experience to analyze whether an individual mobile device has extractable data, and then safely preserve the available evidence. Depending on the type of mobile device, in most cases Kivu can preserve and extract both active and deleted information.

What evidence can be extracted from a mobile device?

  • Timeline analysis can identify the timing of user activities and communications
  • Cell tower analysis can locate the device geographically at a given time
  • Data carving may bring back deleted data
  • Keyword searches can isolate relevant data

Kivu’s forensic experts apply proven methods and the most current tools and technologies to identify, recover and interpret digital artifacts. Our forensic professionals are experts at ensuring the proper preservation of digital evidence in all of its many formats. Our team is made up of some of the most highly skilled professionals in the United States, with certifications that include Certified Forensics Examiners, EnCase® Certified Examiners, and Certified Fraud Examiners (GCFE, EnCE, and CFE).